What Can I do with LifeFix

Main features

Plan my day - make to do lists for day, week, month

Remember all my tasks

More effective use my time

Fulfill tasks I really need and important

Create new good habits

Concentrate for a time to work or study


Popular questions

How can I log in to the app?

To log in the app use facebook or google account or register through email and password. Else to log in to the app for the first time, you can create an account, using email and password. In the future, login without authorization. And authorization will be required when deleting the application or logging into the account from another device

How can I register in the app?

To log in the app use facebook or google account without difficult registration. Or register through email and password. When registering, you need to use an email as a login. The password requirements are simple – at least five, maximum 20 chars. You can use Latin letters or numbers or symbols (except spaces).

How can I create Habits?

You can create a Habit from the habits menu (lower main menu) or by clicking on the plus sign “+” when creating a task. Then select the type of habit, convenient execution time and repetition mode.


The main functions of the application

Who uses LifeFix

People, who has a lot of tasks during the day

Sometimes forgot about important tasks

Make too much tasks, but not almost important

Whom difficult to concentrate abode any difficult task or study

Too often is disturbed by lots of questions of colleges or messengers

Want to get good habits

Or want to give up bad habits

Want to be more self-organized

Appreciate simplicity and effectiveness

Like reading something useful

Pay attention part of day time for getting knowledgment

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