What steals our time. Or What are Chronophages?

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What steals our time. Or What are Chronophages?

By Admin

Chronophages are what takes away our time, energy, and, in the end, our life!

We know perfectly well that idleness is bad. But do we realize this at the moment?

At the moment of the next login to Facebook or email, there is probably an understanding deep in my head that this consumes our time. To understand why this happens, it is necessary to understand what activities take my time and what their types are.

What are the types of time absorbers?

  1. Animate. Yes, yes, communication with colleagues, wasting our work time for half an hour, idle questions, free consultations to employees of other departments, planning meetings and meetings without final result – this is all idle time.

  2. There are predictable ones – for example, morning and evening treatments, viewing mail on the phone or at work. And unpredictable – traffic jams and accidents on the roads, queues, delays and delays both for yourself and others.

  3. Let's highlight more objective time absorbers:

    • preventive, routine-related - the road to home and to work; cleaning the desktop, at home, in email; phone, starting from unnecessary calls, ending with settings and cleaning memory.

    • entertainment or recreation – social networks, TV, computer games, prolonged web surfing, idle chatter in messengers.

    At the same time, it is important to rest, of course. But rest should not be too much, such as prolonged computer games. And real rest should replenish energy, give emotions, which is typical for active recreation, walking with friends, going out with family to the country.

And subjective with poor organization of time:

  • Incorrect goals, lack of a plan and priority, postponement with insufficient motivation, interruptions or lack of concentration.

All time management is focused on combating with time absorbers.

The list of time absorbers associated with errors in organization and planning is huge:

  • Lack of a goal, unclear goal setting, wrong goal

  • Priorities are not highlighted

  • Do several things at the same time

  • Burnout due to the desire to do a lot at once. If we don't take in attention our strength, we lose energy, motivation, and then productivity decreases

  • Lack of a plan to achieve the goal. Lack of a plan for the day, a daily routine

  • Disorder and a "cluttered" desktop. Confusion in documents, incorrect storage of information

  • Insufficient division of labor, doing someone else's work, inability to say "no". Learn how to delegate authority and tasks

  • Lack of data to make a decision. Analyze and prepare information on the case in advance

  • Lack of discipline or habit of doing something systematically, for example, getting up early in the morning at a certain time

  • Inability to finish the job, loss of interest

  • Useless meetings and planning meetings

  • Discussion of complex issues without proper preparation for the meeting

  • The habit of procrastinating "for later"

  • The desire to know all the details before acting and too long analyze

  • Lack of control over what has been delegated

  • Unnecessarily frequent trips

  • Personal meetings on issues that can be resolved by phone. Or an excess call where you can write a short letter

As a conclusion , there are three basic issues:

  1. You need to rest! But it is important to understand the difference between losing time and a good rest.

  2. When realizing what we waste time on, it is more important to understand why. So you need to clarify their sources and causes.

  3. Time eaters must be destroyed! And often, no matter what the time absorbers are, they are associated with an inefficient organization.

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