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Contextual planning or Kairos helps to plan conveniently

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We are all used to living by time, that is, according to certain chronometry. To do things, tasks, projects with grouping by time.

"Kairos" is another principle of task planning. The mysterious word Kairos means planning and performing tasks grouped by context. This is a very interesting and powerful time-saving tool.

Efficiency is achieved due to the fact that several tasks can be performed simultaneously, when certain circumstances occur.

For example, when I go to the bank to pick up my card, I also pay the bill, pick up a bank statement for work and do other things that I need at the bank. That is, the bank is a place that, as a context, united my affairs (different, no matter personal or work, urgent and not so).

How to plan correctly?

In general, there are different issues for selecting tasks to perform:

  • By context (what needs to be done in this place? with this man? at this event?)

  • By time (what should be done at this time? and do I have time for this?)

  • By my mood (do I have the energy to implement this task?)

  • By priorities (what is the most important thing to do?)

Contextual planning needs to be developed. It comes with practice or savvy, which is difficult to program. Therefore, I frankly envy those who can really do it, because they save and effectively use a huge amount of time…

The Most Common Contexts:

  1. Place. I go for groceries, look into a pharmacy, a workshop and do several things at the same time, optimizing the logistics path. This can include what many people do while driving to work or home on public transport and reading at the same time.

  2. The person. Often at work, when I call the colleague I need, I plan in advance what questions I will ask him, and they may be on different projects, but what is important, they can be solved with this person.

  3. My favorite is Functional. I started practicing at 10:30 in the morning to look through the mail and call at the same time. Everyone who wants to write just has written letters to you in the morning and you can also answer them. I came to this in a practical way. At first, I determined that it was better to determine the time of calls at one time, calling for 30 minutes on all the necessary issues, than to be distracted by them periodically during the day.

    I also realized that it is better to view and respond to countless emails a couple of times a day, otherwise it will take the whole day to correspond… But it is more effective to combine them (calls and mail) – Kairos! If you didn't get through, you can write a short letter with the same question that you wanted to ask on the phone and get an answer during the day, or read the letter and answer the call at the same time.

  4. Less common and applicable are external circumstances. It is possible to make a decision, taking into attention certain circumstances beyond the control of a person. Examples: "if the law is passed", "when the rules change", "if the weather is good", "if the boss is in a good mood".

  5. Internal circumstances. The solution of a problem depends on the inner state of a person. Examples: "if there is a surge of creative inspiration", "when I feel sick / healthy", "if there is a mood", "when I feel strong". It is said that when Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin read a critical article on one of his works, he wrote out the author's name on a piece of paper, which he put in a special crystal vase. When the "kairos" called "snide mood" came, Pushkin took one of these pieces of paper out of a vase and wrote an epigram on the author of the critical article.

    The ability to plan and perform tasks grouped in context is an excellent ability that helps a lot in our chaotic and rhythmic lifestyle. Lembit Kyiv describes the proposed technology as follows: "The complexity of planning in modern society largely arises from the fact that we are trying to squeeze a multidimensional world into a one-dimensional list. Context cards make it possible to eliminate this imperfection."

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