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Why do I need to plan

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So, planning increases personal productivity:

  • Improves memory

  • The to-do list programs us on its execution

  • When writing cases, we unconscientious concretize cases, which gives us consistency

  • We get some certainty and clarity in our head.

1. Improves memory

Remember the school or student days, when we went to lectures and took notes of materials. Even then we knew that the material we read or heard is remembered less than the recorded one.

When we are writing down, we not only visualize a certain task on paper, but also mechanically fixing it, we comprehend it better. Many studies have proven that getting new information by taking notes is better remembered than just heard. So the to-do list trains and improves our memory.

2. Planning increases efficiency

Yes, we plan our business in the morning, when we go to work, mentally sorting out what needs to be done. Or in the evening before going to bed for tomorrow, what to do first tomorrow…

But the to-do list works more effectively, when we determine the volume, sequence and priority of tasks.

Our abstract thoughts turn into a kind of document – a plan by which we navigate throughout the day. This especially helps, when we are confused by urgent orders that ruin the plan... And after fulfilling an urgent request from the management, we can select priority tasks from the to-do list, adjust, reschedule for tomorrow, etc. So the list always guides us in what needs to be done.

3. The to-do list instills systemacy

When writing a list of tasks, you involuntarily think about the wording and try to correct them with a clearer statement of the task. And it brings the expected result from each task more clear.

And, more importantly, you mentally sort out their priority and deadline. If something is really not urgent today, why not reschedule it for tomorrow. On the contrary, realizing that he is underloaded to plan for his free time reading the very book that he often postponed.

4. Clarity and confidence in the head

, which eliminates unnecessary, including anxiety. When compiling a list of things to do, we exclude really unnecessary or unimportant thoughts and deeds and pay attention to the most priority ones.

At the same time, we mentally get rid of small "weeds", “stones” during the day, which prevent us from focusing on important things.

Sometimes I remember that there is a task that needs to be done, but not urgently, I move it to another day next week and at the moment I don't think about it anymore. The task is not lost and at the same time doesn't take my mental energy.

And we must always be aware that there will always be scheduled tasks, unfulfilled. Just because there was simply not enough time…or they become not important.

Psychologically, focusing on the to-do list helps to dismiss unnecessary things, which of course gives confidence and clarity not only in planning and control, but also in general, in life.

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