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Map of goals. Mind mapping

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Surely many have heard the expression "goal map", "relationship diagram" or "mental map"… It's all about mind mapping or simply it's visualization of connections.

Why do I need a mind map?

A set of ideas, goals and objectives can be expressed in text, tabular form, or can be grouped and shown schematically in the form of a map. The essence of the map is to clearly reflect the connections or dependencies.

So, no matter what business we do, classify animals by species, collect materials for a scientific or creative project or set goals in life. Mind map or mental map helps to systematize everything you need.

Mental map

You can list a number of obvious mind mapping functions

  1. Collect and structure all the information by highlighting it in a hierarchy. So we capture and accumulate information by building a tree of connections between them.

  2. Memorizing information. When you write something down in a convenient light form, it is automatically stored in your head. The data recorded in the form of mental maps is easy to recall, even with just one glance at them.

  3. Share and immerse others in the information. The mental map helps others to get into the essence of the project faster, since the key points are visually simpler and clearer in the scheme. For example, a developer will understand business requirements faster, if they are drawn in the form of blocks of diagrams, where you can see what information in what sequence the systems transmit requests and responses.

  4. Information analysis. The mental map is constructed in such a way that allows you to see previously unnoticed connections between its parts, small unaccounted details, which can be very valuable when making decisions. Also, with its help, you can look at all the information in general, in a comprehensive way, which generally helps to understand the case and better understand this data.

Goal map

An example of a mind map of life goals.

  1. Usually, the main thing in the center is the mission. For example, to make my family happy or be useful for society as a good teacher.

  2. Our Values or usually long-term Goals, as components of the mission, which from different sides help to fulfill our mission. For example, Family, Friends, Self-development, Work, Sports or Health.

  3. Medium-term sub-goals, for example, Your business, Career, Vocational training, Salary increase, and so on within the Work block. Moreover, they have a clear relationship, for example, gaining new skills leads to career advancement and therefore to higher wages.

  4. Tasks are certain, achievable within several days and measurable actions. Achievement of the task leads to the fulfillment of Goals and Sub-Goals. For example, Time management training or a teachers' conference on new teaching methods are components of professional training.


Do not make the map too bulky, otherwise it will be unreadable. If you feel that the scheme is too big and there are a lot of connections it's better to make a separate small mind map of some parts. Or make a main card, and several separate cards. The question of the number of hierarchies and relationships is a matter of convenienc

Use different colors in the diagrams, the thickness and type of lines, the location, the size of the blocks to emphasize the main and secondary.

It is recommended to use pictures and photos. For example, if you dream of building a house, then visualizing a house in the form of a photo of a house design magazine that you liked will help you realize your dream faster… Since you will think about it, try to even find a plot or during construction there will be a picture of that cute house in your head ... and there is a certain magic of the mental map of goals in this.


It is proven that the presentation of information in the form of a diagram is perceived by the brain faster and remembered better. For example, the efficiency of memorization increases by 32%.

The key advantage of the mind map is the ability to structure information, get a quick and clear idea of knowledge about the problem, about the project, about the goals, about life.

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