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How can I log in to the app?

To log in the app use facebook or google account or register through email and password. Else to log in to the app for the first time, you can create an account, using email and password. In the future, login without authorization. And authorization will be required when deleting the application or logging into the account from another device

How can I register in the app?

To log in the app use facebook or google account without difficult registration. Or register through email and password. When registering, you need to use an email as a login. The password requirements are simple – at least five, maximum 20 chars. You can use Latin letters or numbers or symbols (except spaces).

Forgot your password? Log in with a temporary password?

If you forgot your password, it does not matter, to get into your account, you need to click on the link "Forgot your password?" when logging in, where you enter your login (email). A temporary password in the form of five digits will be sent to your email. It is enough to enter them in the temporary password field to log in to the application. The temporary password is valid for 24 hours and does not conflict with the permanent password that you can remember.

How can I delete my account in the app?

Now you can just write you require to delete your account with all dates on our email: lifefix.contact@gmail.com. And our support makes it.

How do I create regular tasks?

When creating a task, there is a cycle icon inside the day settings (under the calendar), with which you can set the repeatable task.
Then you can select the repetition mode:

  • every day,
  • every working day,
  • weekly,
  • monthly.
And choose the duration - how many months the tasks should be performed regularly.

How can I create Habits?

You can create a Habit from the habits menu (lower main menu) or by clicking on the plus sign “+” when creating a task.
Then select the type of habit, convenient execution time and repetition mode.

How do I create a Task?

It is easy to create a task by clicking on the plus sign ("+") in the list of the planned day. Enter the name of the task and save it by clicking on the "arrows" icon in the line. As you can see, everything is simple and intuitive.

Is it possible to set the priority of the task?

You can highlight the priority inside the Task by clicking on the "star" icon, which will raise the task in the list above simple tasks and highlight it among others, so you can fulfill it first.

Can I take notes?

Yes, you can add a description inside the task itself.

Is it possible to edit tasks?

To change the name of the Task or its settings, you just need to tap on this task in the task list - "task name". In the window that opens, you can change the name, add a description and then Save.

How do I set the date?

When creating or editing a task, you need to click on the "calendar" icon inside the task to call up the Calendar in the month mode. You can simply click on the desired day and the task will be in the "To Complete" list of this day. The default task is set to "To do" on the day it is created. Example, today is December 20, another day is selected on the weekly calendar, for example, December 25 is pressed. So the task list is open on December 25 for execution of chosen task. This means that when the next task is created by clicking on "+" that day, it will be saved for execution on December 25.

How do I set up the Task time?

The time you can set inside the task by clicking on the "calendar" or "clock" icon. Specify the start time and end time of the Task. By default, the End time of the task is set to + 1 hour to the Start time.

How do I delete tasks?

You can delete a task by swiping from left to right. Perhaps it is better to postpone it by also swiping the calendar to move the task to another day. For a regular task, you can delete either only one or all repeatable tasks. You can delete overdue regular tasks and habits only one by one.

How can I set up the notification time for a Task?

When setting up the time of the Task, an alert is also set for it an hour before the onset (start time). For example, the task "team conf-call" was created with a start time: 10:00. Push notification will come exactly 30 minutes before the event at 9:30. According to our research and investigations, for almost everybody 30 minutes is a convenient time to remember about any event. So it's enough to be ready and don't forget once more if the duration between notification and event is too much.

Is there a reminder (notification) for all tasks?

Yes, if there is at least one task on this day, then a general Push notification for all tasks will be received at 9:00 am (Central European time). The time of general alerts cannot be configured.

How can I start the Timer?

The timer can be opened by clicking on the stopwatch icon from the Task (created or being created). Next, set up the time during which you want to work or study focused, for example, 25 minutes. And start the Timer. Even if you are distracted, it is important not to be interrupted in order to successfully complete the task.

How does the Timer task end?

A successful finish of Timer countdown means that the task is completed. So it moves into the list of completed tasks with the pressed "check-box". When the Timer is interrupted by pressing the "Stop" button or exiting the Timer, the task remains unchanged, ready for execution. Time management is primarily a concentration of effort and time.

What kind of trees are displayed on the statistics screen for the selected period?

The garden you have grown in the statistics section is your productive spent time:

  • grown Christmas trees are the number of completed tasks (pressed with a check box)
  • grown bushes are Timer-completed tasks with a set time till 30 minutes
  • grown apple trees are Timer-completed tasks with a set time of more than 30 minutes

How does the statistics of the use of LifeFix work?

The weekly and monthly schedule in the statistics menu shows the number of tasks completed for a particular day (marked with a check-box press or completed by Timer) So you will understand which day of the week you have the busiest, and where there are reserves for efficiency.

What are the coins in the statistics menu?

Coins are certainly not a cryptocurrency ... but a beautiful monetization of your effective time from the course of 5 minutes Timer = 1 coin LifeFix. Minutes and coins are awarded only for a successfully completed Timer.

How to write to us?

Write us your questions and feedback by email: lifefix.contact@gmail.com Also, the feedback form is always available in the application in the top menu, write and our Support will definitely help.

How is LifeFix useful?

  • The to-do list structures the day
  • Templates will help you form good habits
  • Notifications will remind you of an important task
  • A timer will help you focus

The advantage of the LifeFix app?

  • Simple - no more difficult not used options, just what you really need
  • No ads inside of the app
  • Stable to plan, to use and get notifications
  • Secure - we don't use personal dates and ask any permissions for app use. Registration helps to keep your tasks safe.

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