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What we spend our time on. Fight against time absorbers

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Of course, sometimes you can relax watching a movie or relieve tension in the middle of an active day, even surfing on social networks for 5 minutes a day.

But it is necessary to distinguish the moment of rest from the constant waste of time.

The solution to the problem begins with the moment of awareness

The popular time sinks are collected below, digitized, statistically determining our average losses on them per day.

Top Time Sinks

2.34 hours of email verification. And 30% is not urgent or important (Carleton University)

35 minutes to decide what to eat (New York Post)

16 minutes to decide what to wear (women) (The Telegraph)

14 minutes for men (Marks and Spencer)

7 minutes of thinking about exercise, but doing nothing (Kettler)

37 minutes on Facebook (Verto Analytics)

27 minutes on other social media accounts (eMarketer)

40 minutes on YouTube (Mediakix)

1 hour in meetings (Inc) and 50% of that time is wasted (Atlassian)

4 hours watching TV (Statista)

96 minutes of surfing on non-work related sites (CNBC)

171 minutes checking your smartphone (comScore data)

90 minutes in daily breaks, for example, colleagues ask questions (Washington Post)

It is more effective not to fight against time sinks, but to replace them with useful things.


1. Think about what is important for you to do tomorrow.

2. Fill every hour with useful things

3. Put social networks and messengers on silent mode.

Set a specific time of 15 minutes to check them.

Who needs it, he will write on an urgent issue in a personal account.

4. In your free time or some space in work, study, even a short time should be occupied:

active recreation (walking) or learning a foreign language.

Indicate what to read at this moment or make at home from what you have been putting off for a long time.

Good luck in fighting against time wasting!

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