The Pomodoro Timer method. How to learn to concentrate

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The Pomodoro Timer method. How to learn to concentrate

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There is often a situation when we plan and even begin to do... but at the moment when we are already actively engaged in business, someone distracts us, they will call, a text message, a neighboring conversation will distract us, and so we can be interrupted all day without progressing in important projects.

So you are familiar with spending a day in labor, and by the evening you will find that you have not got any significant results for your deals…

A Pomodoro Timer will help you focus on your studies or work, especially creative ones. The "Tomato" or “Pomodoro” method is a time management technique proposed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique involves splitting tasks into 25-minute periods, called "pomodoros", followed by short breaks.

The technique of use is simple:

  1. Decide on the task that you will perform.

  2. Put a pomodoro (timer) for 25 minutes.

  3. Work, no matter what, without being distracted, until the timer rings. If something distracting occurs in your head, write it down and get back to work immediately.

  4. Take a short break (3-5 minutes).

  5. After each 4th "pomodoro" take a long break (15-30 minutes).

In fact, anyone can set the time or intervals convenient for him. For example, if a writer wants to create an article and needs more than 25 minutes to do this, he can put on an hour or 120 minutes so as not to scare off inspiration during frequent breaks. Conversely, it is easier for someone to split into 15 minutes, while if you feel that the task has carried you away and you don't want to be interrupted, it's okay to continue working for more than 25 minutes. It will only be better if you devote 45 minutes or more to interesting work.

It's all about the habit of concentrating for a certain time. Developing understanding that you can not be distracted by extraneous noises and not be tempted to trifle yourself.

How to learn to be focused

The timer establishment has a kind of magic when we tune in to the time during which an invisible barrier is created for external distractions and internal ones, by the way, too.

During this period, if we want to drink tea or take a smartphone to find out what is going on, we will pull ourselves together in the social space, and return to the task at hand.

Even at this time it is easier for us, for other people to say politely, "I'm sorry, but right now I'm busy, I can look at your question in about 10 minutes."

The physical setting of the timer emphasizes the user's determination to take up the task, the ticking reminds that time is ticking, and the call informs about the break. Flow and attention are associated with these physical stimuli.

There are many applications that include the pomodoro timer function (working with the method), including LifeFix. It's simple: set up the time, do not get distracted and success in important tasks!

A simple and pleasant Timer in LifeFix will help you concentrate at the right moment.

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