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Decomposition. Best project instrument

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To eat a whale in chunks is the decomposition of a task, it means to master something big and complex gradually.

This is the principle of combating procrastination in a situation where we endlessly postpone a huge project, a difficult task, writing a graduate work, reviewing the architecture of an IT solution, building a bridge or road for a city, reforming the judicial system, and so on.

Project problems

These tasks are usually very important, but not burning on time are crucial in life and seem so significant and big that there is a real fear of not doing it. And this fear is quite justified, many projects in personal or organizational life are not fully implemented. This is the truth of life. But the more we postpone the "Whale" collecting more and more information, the heavier, bigger, more complicated, scarier it becomes… And here the reverse risk is not to do it at all.

The method is insanely simple:

  1. Decompose

    Divide a large project into small tasks. For example, writing a graduate work on: first collecting materials, then writing an "Introduction" and then its three chapters as three separate integral tasks.

  2. Deadline

    Determine the timing of parts of the project as separate tasks. For example, writing one chapter of a scientific work is one week.

  3. Begin

    And finally, start doing. Usually they start either with a logical beginning (introduction), or its simplest and most understandable part. As the saying goes, "the beginning is half the case."

But it's better to start with the most important part of the task. For example, in the development of many products, websites, applications and other IT projects, the method of building an MVP is used - a Minimal Valuable Product or a minimally viable product.

The essence of MVP is to make the most necessary part in the opinion of designers and developers. And then add new features as needed.

In our case, LifeFix app was first a section of the To-do List with a calendar. Then we added push notifications, then implemented a Timer. Over time, we added a feed with useful tips and a Statistics section as secondary functions.

So, when discussing a complex project that has been "talked to holes", if you hear it, let's postpone ... it's time to insert the phrase with a decisive look: "Colleagues, let's eat an elephant in parts!". It's hard to argue with these clever words.

Begin easy life projects.

Throw tasks in LifeFix.

So go ahead and Good Luck!

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It helps to quickly throw tasks for a day, a week. I use it myself all the time. Without the app, I can't imagine how to start the day or do business. The timer is great for targeting important projects
Most useful thing is there are pushs that remind me that I am finally control all my deals, thank you! now I dont forget not only meetings, but also to call my mother and grandmother, and pay regular payments and even drink water. And not expensive
For such a price, a great app. smart design. It's easy to plan tasks. Registration was annoying, I have been using google, facebook login for a long time. Respect if the developers make an easy entry.
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